Our Mission

The Neonatal Womb Warriors-

To create an active & supportive alliance of Preterm Birth Survivors/NICU Grads and community members.


The Neonatal Womb Foundation –  

When a Neonatal baby is born the womb that once was is recreated by all within the NICU unit for the baby/babies and their parents.  

Our mission is to provide preterm birth infants, parents, families, staff, and facilities the tools to aid in forming that womb.

Through our foundation we seek to provide diverse resource support that allows the patients, parents, & caretakers to adjust the light and volume within the experience to best fit their needs, abilities & Preterm Birth/NICU journey.

Our local and global outreach programs will work together towards empowering the Preterm Birth Community thru engaging educational, technological, social, & medical aid support. We seek to connect The Neonatal Womb Partners and create solutions towards a stronger, healthier, & cost effective Womb for all.


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