Dear Ego Lets Talk!

Surfing Sayings!

“Ahem!” I said to my ego. We need to talk! It has come to my attention that your very loud obnoxious voice continues to isolate me from the realities and deep personal human connections available in the human dimension. No doubt your protection was urgently required in my early years when I was separated from my deceased twin and isolated from other humans in general in order to sustain my life.  I learned to keep my breath shallow and one foot in/one out in this human dimension.  You enabled me to vastly progress my spiritual expansiveness and experience a dynamic rich and rewarding existence in other realities.

Time to expand and heal, my friend!  Let’s redirect your energies to support my journey toward deepening personal relationships in the human realm!  Now, for a strategy……..

Neonatal Womb Warriors! It is all about the JOURNEY.  Please share yours………

Scars…what do they mean?


SCAR=Strength Courageous Actualized Resilience-Kat Campos

Born four months early my heart wasn’t fully developed. Weighing one pound 3 ounces at 3 ½ weeks old I underwent open heart surgery with no anesthesia. The surgical scars along my rib cage and across my upper back to my chest mark my beginnings and chart my growth. I cherish the artfully crafted scars (best tattoo ever) my surgeon, a medical pioneer and beautiful woman, adorned me with. To this day I am grateful for my surgical and neonatal team who were willing to take a leap of faith in providing me with the life-saving surgery.

I didn’t think much about my scars until I began surfing in Hawaii at age 11. People began to randomly ask me if I had been bitten by a shark? I would laugh and simply reply “I had heart surgery when I was a baby”. It was then I began to recognize the significance of my scars and how I cherished the story of survival they represented. I knew that for some removing the scars would have value, but my scars represented to me abiding love and immense beauty.

Over the years my wise and loving surfing teacher and spiritual guide Virgil advised me to respect and feel the water, do not hesitate to get up, hold my space, be one with the wave” and so much more. Riding out the heart surgery and choosing to stay here may have been one of the biggest waves I have surfed to date.

My scars are a story of STRENGTH and COURAGE held by my mom, my family, and my medical team. They are the ACTUALIZATION of hope and represent the RESILIANCE of all who believed.

Take a moment to breathe….. You are strong, courageous and full of actualized resilience! WE are here!

A Shout-Out this February to heart surgery Survivors, Caregivers and the Cardiac Support Resource community at large!

Do you ever think about your scars seen and unseen and what meaning those scars hold for you?


Calling all NICU Grads!



Sending a “shout out” to NICU survivors! We know who we are; warriors surfing life’s challenges from the moment we arrived. Please join me in creating an active, engaged, progressive community of NICU “Neonatal Womb” warriors.

I am the founder of The Neonatal Womb Foundation, a 24 week gestation surviving twin, and an open heart surgery recipient. I, like you, am engaged in a healing journey. I recognize that due to our early arrivals an assumption has been made that we have no memory of our early traumas. Nothing could be further from the truth….

Thru this blog connection “The Neonatal Womb Warriors” we will explore, acknowledge and legitimatize opportunities to heal our early birth related traumas. On this journey I will share my healing experiences with you as I engage in diverse healing modalities. Together we will share our collective recollections, feelings, needs, and life empowering experiences.

Please join me on this wild, vibrant and exciting journey!

Surf’s up!!!

-Kat Campos


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