Calling all NICU Grads!



Sending a “shout out” to NICU survivors! We know who we are; warriors surfing life’s challenges from the moment we arrived. Please join me in creating an active, engaged, progressive community of NICU “Neonatal Womb” warriors.

I am the founder of The Neonatal Womb Foundation, a 24 week gestation surviving twin, and an open heart surgery recipient. I, like you, am engaged in a healing journey. I recognize that due to our early arrivals an assumption has been made that we have no memory of our early traumas. Nothing could be further from the truth….

Thru this blog connection “The Neonatal Womb Warriors” we will explore, acknowledge and legitimatize opportunities to heal our early birth related traumas. On this journey I will share my healing experiences with you as I engage in diverse healing modalities. Together we will share our collective recollections, feelings, needs, and life empowering experiences.

Please join me on this wild, vibrant and exciting journey!

Surf’s up!!!

-Kat Campos


Author: Kathy Papac and Kathryn (Kat) Campos

Kathryn (Kat) Campos: Hello, I am a former 24 week gestation micro-preemie. I lost my twin brother Cruz at birth and encountered open heart surgery with no anesthesia at 3 weeks old weighing 1lb 3oz/0.58kg. I served on the University of Washington Medical Center Advisory Board Neonatal ICU Council from 2013 to 2015. I am passionate about assisting and supporting our Global NICU Community. If your a Preterm Birth/NICU Survivor this blog is dedicated to you, your family, and all members of the NICU Community. Together lets support other Preemie Survivors, Preemies, Preemie families, Preemie Community, Neonatal and related Staff, Providers, Professionals and Facilities. We ALL have stories to share and preemie journeys to help empower! Kathy Papac: Preemie Mom of surviving (Kathryn) and a deceased (Cruz) 24 week gestation twins. Neonatal Womb journeyer, counselor/legal expert with an MA certificate in Spirituality, Health and Medicine from Bastyr University. Passionate Global Community participant. Our goal is to recognize, honor and empower the Neonatal Womb community and shine light upon the presence and potentiality of the preterm birth survivors as vital community participants.

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