Mea Culpa:

Last week we walked out the door of NICU-centered preterm birth care into the diverse Global Community of preterm infant care and preemie survivors. Open eyes and hearts allowed us to experience the Neonatal Womb on a broader basis. We hope humility and centeredness will guide our continued awakening to the dynamic nature of our Global Neonatal Womb community. Though intriguing and exciting the journey challenges us emotionally and intellectually. Our hearts expand as we witness the courage and strength of health care providers, families and preterm survivors. Intense love permeates our community. We will learn new language, evolve our perceptions, correct our misconceptions, expand our resources, create space to grow and share “solutions”.

We apologize in advance for our naiveté. Although our Neonatal Womb family includes NICU survivors; much of our family does not have access to NICU care. We are considering language that best identifies the portion of our community that represents our preterm survivors/Warriors. We Trust that we will be guided to effectively evolve our language and wisdom over time.


There is a new HeRO in town!

 New Technology is Life-Saving Voice for Premature or Critically Ill Infants-

A new technology in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at UC San Diego Health is able to predict the risk of life-threatening infections up to 24 hours before they appear in severely premature or critically ill infants. The heart rate observation system (HeRO) is a new innovation worthy of exploring!

Interested? Please see the May 10, 2016 UC San Diego Health article by Michelle Brubaker:

Article Link:


WARRIORS: Surfing in Westport Washington is fun, but not easy.  Waves break hard and fast, rides are short, and paddling out is physically ……strenuous. My sister Ciara and dog Bella motivate and inspire me. What, or who, inspires you to adventure into the unknown?


Author: Kathy Papac and Kathryn (Kat) Campos

Kathryn (Kat) Campos: Hello, I am a former 24 week gestation micro-preemie. I lost my twin brother Cruz at birth and encountered open heart surgery with no anesthesia at 3 weeks old weighing 1lb 3oz/0.58kg. I served on the University of Washington Medical Center Advisory Board Neonatal ICU Council from 2013 to 2015. I am passionate about assisting and supporting our Global NICU Community. If your a Preterm Birth/NICU Survivor this blog is dedicated to you, your family, and all members of the NICU Community. Together lets support other Preemie Survivors, Preemies, Preemie families, Preemie Community, Neonatal and related Staff, Providers, Professionals and Facilities. We ALL have stories to share and preemie journeys to help empower! Kathy Papac: Preemie Mom of surviving (Kathryn) and a deceased (Cruz) 24 week gestation twins. Neonatal Womb journeyer, counselor/legal expert with an MA certificate in Spirituality, Health and Medicine from Bastyr University. Passionate Global Community participant. Our goal is to recognize, honor and empower the Neonatal Womb community and shine light upon the presence and potentiality of the preterm birth survivors as vital community participants.

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